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 Cape Breton Regional Hospital

Cape Breaton District Health Authority

The Cape Breton District Health Authority provides acute care, continuing care, programs and services through its hospitals, clinics and continuing care facilities within Cape Breton County, Northern and Central Inverness County and Victoria County.

Click on the tabs below for hospital information and your final “To Do” hospital checklist.


Print off this handy checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything before your surgery! 

Final Pre-Hospital “To-Do” Checklist


Checklist Item

Food & Drink



Eat a light meal the night before your surgery


Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day of your surgery



Shower the night before or morning of your surgery


Remove all nail polish and cosmetics (lipstick, blush, eye makeup)

Things to Bring


Enough comfy clothes to last you up to five days, just in case


A pair of lightweight supportive shoes with non-slip soles (like running shoes)


Non-scented toiletries (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, razor, powder, etc.)


Glasses, hearing aids or dentures (and cases to put them in)


Walker or crutches


Dressing equipment (long-handled shoehorn, sock aid and a “reacher”). Optional


4-inch foam cushion, optional for ride back home.


Check your equipment list to make sure you have the necessary aids you require for home.


Any medications you are currently taking


Reading materials (books, magazines, etc.)


Do not bring any valuables (jewelry, cash, credit cards, cell phone)



Clearly label all your personal items


A list of your current medications


The name, phone number and address of your pharmacy


Your family doctor’s name, phone number, address and fax number


Your health card and health insurance card


A list of your family and friends’ addresses and telephone numbers

Planning Ahead


Arrange your home to make sure you can move around easily when you return from your surgery – move around furniture if you need to.


Arrange for a friend or family member to pick you up from the hospital


Arrange for a friend or family member to stay with you (or close by) for at least the first two to three days after you return home from surgery to help you.


Find a place for your pets to stay while you are in the hospital


Plan grocery delivery services before going to the hospital

Where to Go

It’s the day of your surgery and you’re ready to go. So how do you get to your hospital?

Cape Breton Regional Hospital

Cape Breton Regional Hospital
1482 George Street
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1P 1P3
Orthopaedic Unit (3A)

Switchboard: (902) 567-7818

Fax: (902) 567-7884 

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Parking costs $2.00 and is paid upon exiting the hospital. Change machines are available in the lobby.

Visitor Passes at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital are available at the Foundation Office on the 2nd floor (next to Fancies Gift Shop).

Visiting Hours

We know how important friends and family are in helping you recover. As a patient, you will work with your nurse to choose visiting hours for your friends and family.

Visitors should try to coordinate with the hospital before they arrive. Patients can get tired very quickly, so please try to limit your groups to two visitors per patient and keep your visits and conversations brief.

Here are the scheduled visiting hours for the hospital:      

Cape Breton Regional Hospital (Sydney)

Visiting Hours:    

11 am – 1 pm

3 pm – 8 pm

On-Site Food

The on-site cafeteria is open from 7:30 am to 6 pm with the following meal hours:

Breakfast: 7:30 am – 10:30 am

Lunch: 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Supper: 4 pm – 6 pm

Note: There are also vending machines available in some locations for snacks!


The hospital offers three types of accommodations for patients: 

Standard Ward—three or four beds per room

Semi-private—two beds per room

Private—one bed per room

Hospitals are very busy places filled with many patients, so it is not always possible to give you the room you asked for. However, we will try our hardest to transfer you to your preferred room as soon as it becomes available.

There is a daily charge for semi-private and private rooms, which may be covered by your private health insurance.

Friends & Family

Check out the Yellow Pages for a list of hotels near the hospital to enjoy a safe and comfortable stay while visiting your loved ones. Feel free to contact any of these hotels to check on pricing and availability - some offer discount prices for families of inpatients!