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 Getting In and Out of Bed

Queen size bed

If possible, get into bed on the side that will let you to move your strong leg onto the bed first. Try to make sure the height of your bed is at least knee height or 1-2" above your standing knee height. A bed with a firm mattress is best. You can use your reacher to pull up your bed covers.

The techniques listed below are recommended during early healing and are generally in place for six to eight weeks following your surgery.  They may be extended on the advice or your surgeon or therapist.  

To safely get in bed, follow these steps:

  1. Using your walking aid, back up until you feel the bed behind you.
  2. Extend your operated leg, and sit on the edge of the bed.
  3. Move your walking aid out of the way.
  4. Using your arms for support, slide your bottom across the bed, and bring both legs up onto the bed (lift operated leg onto the bed if need be).
  5. Position yourself on your back, or on your non-operated side. Do not cross your legs.
  6. Place a pillow between your legs. Body pillows work very well.

To get out of bed, follow these steps:

  1. Remove top sheets and pillows.
  2. Bend your non-operated leg and using your elbows as support, slide your bottom to bring yourself to the edge of the bed.
  3. From a semi-lying position push up on your elbows and hands. Do not cross your legs.
  4. Slide your hips and legs over to the edge of the bed.
  5. Swing your body around to sit up.
  6. Extend your operated leg and stand up, using your stronger leg for support.

To watch a video clip of this activity, please see below.  Please note that you may be prompted to install Microsoft's video software called Silverlight to view the video.