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Three Chairs

It is safer and easier to get in and out of chairs using both arms, and you should avoid low or overstuffed furniture. Use a chair with arm rests.

If you have had hip surgery, your hips should be higher than your knees when sitting. It is recommended that your chair should be about 2 inches above your standing knee height. Do not sit in low or soft chairs. You can use a firm foam cushion to boost the chair height.

Make sure your telephone and important telephone numbers are in easy reach of the chair.

The techniques listed below are recommended during early healing and are generally in place for six to eight weeks following your surgery.  They may be extended on the advice or your surgeon or therapist.

Sitting Down

To safely sit down in a chair, follow these steps:

  1. Back up until you feel the edge of the chair touching the back of your leg.
  2. Slide your operated leg forward.
  3. Reach for the arms of the chair behind you, and hold the armrests.
  4. Hold the arm rests with your hands.
  5. Lower yourself to a sitting position slowly and gently.
  6. Reposition yourself to the back of the chair.

Standing up

Remember to follow your own weight bearing instructions when standing up.

To safely stand up from a chair, follow these steps:

  1. Move to the edge of the chair.
  2. Bend your non-operated leg under you to hold your body weight.
  3. Slide your operated leg forward.
  4. Push down with your hands on the chair arms, and raise your body to stand up. Put most of your weight on your non-operated leg.
  5. Once you have your balance, use your walking aid.

To watch a video clip on how to get in and out of a chair, please see below. Please note that you may be prompted to install Microsoft's video software called Silverlight to view the video.


Sitting on a Toilet or Commode

Your raised toilet seat should be about 2 inches above your knee when standing. You can buy one from a medical supply store or borrow one from the Red Cross. See Equipment Needs.

To view step by step instructions for safely sitting on a toilet or commode please see below.