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Lady in car

Hip and knee replacement patients don’t usually drive again until 6 to 8 weeks after their surgery.  Your surgeon will tell you when you are ready to drive your car again.

You can ride in a car as a passenger for travelling short distances to and from appointments and other activities. Avoid long car rides. Remember to move your leg often and do ankle pumping exercises while riding in a car! You may need a pillow and/or a plastic bag to help you slide onto the seat more easily, depending on how tall you are and what physical shape you are in.  Hip replacement patients should minimize travel in car even as a passanger.

The safest place for you to be is in the passenger seat. You may need to make some adjustments depending upon your height and physical condition. It’s a good idea to enter your car from the street level rather than from the curb. For trucks and vans that are taller, however, it’s easier to enter from the curb. Check with your Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist if you have any concerns.

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