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When you’re planning to travel to and from the hospital for hip or knee surgery, it is important to be prepared and be flexible. Hip and knee replacement surgery is currently offered in four District Health Authorities in Nova Scotia; Capital Health, Pictou County, Annapolis Valley and Cape Breton.

If you live outside of an area in Nova Scotia where orthopaedic surgery is offered, you may need to travel a few hours to a hospital in another region for your surgery. This requires extra preparation.

The following travel and transportation tips will help you plan for getting to and from the hospital:

  • Bring a support person. You’ll need help before and after surgery. Arrange to have someone with you for your entire trip. You should bring your walking aid and raised toilet seat for longer drives, in case you need to visit a rest room on the way.
  • Be prepared for an early or late discharge from the hospital. Your discharge date and/or time may change. Make sure your support person is prepared and that you have a place to stay if you are discharged early.
  • You can map out places to stop for refreshments and restrooms before you travel. Find those that best suit your needs (e.g. accessible washroom, paved driveway with accessible parking, etc.).