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 Surgical Candidate

Who is a candidate for hip and knee replacement surgery? Usually people who are diagnosed as being in the advanced or end stages of osteoarthritis, and who are healthy enough to be considered fit for surgery.

Other disease or health conditions that could lead to joint replacement surgery include rheumatoid arthritis, bone infection or a lack of blood supply to the bone.

Surgical candidates fall into one of two categories:

Medically Fit - You have been assessed by a specialist and deemed medically fit to undergo surgery. You and your surgeon will discuss your surgery options, and obtain your consent to go ahead with surgery.

About hip replacement surgery

About knee replacement surgery

Medically Not Fit - A person may be a potential candidate for surgery, but is deemed medically not fit for any number of health reasons such as weight, age, respiratory and immune system. The patient will work with their doctor and health care professionals to set goal(s) to improve their condition and get them medically fit for surgery. This may include weight loss, getting in shape or quitting smoking. In some cases, your physician may ask you to meet a target weight before you can have surgery.

Research has shown that getting in shape before surgery helps to speed up your recovery after surgery. Hip and knee replacement surgery can help you return to many of the everyday activities that you have enjoyed in the past and, in many cases, live pain-free.

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